Code Quality

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Spryker Commerce OS’s code base receives very high scores in terms of quality measures, indicating significantly higher code quality than many other ecommerce solutions.

Code Quality Spryker, score in score points (x out of 100) Code quality

The Results

  • Maintainability: keeping code & architecture clean as crucial part of complex commerce development
  • Accessibility: developers can easily understand and start working with Spryker Commerce OS’s code base
  • Bug probability: much lower error-proneness, resulting in fewer resources needed for bug-fixing

Understanding the Results

Spryker Commerce OS has significantly higher code quality

Spryker is successfully keeping the code clean by using SOLID principles & separation of concerns

Empowers developers to work faster, more productively and more efficiently

*The methodology: PHPmetrics scans and evaluates software code base in comparison to other high-quality PHP projects. The score is presented in easily comparable index points on a scale from 0 to 100. The tool is accessible at