Confirming customer registration

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After a customer has been created (to create a customer, see Customers), the registration must be confirmed. This endpoint allows you to do that by sending a confirmation code received by email.


For detailed information on the modules that provide the API functionality and related installation instructions, see Customer Account Management feature integration.

Confirm customer registration

To confirm customer registration, send the request:

POST /customer-confirmation


Request sample: POST /customer-confirmation

  "data" : {
     "type": "customer-confirmation",
     "attributes": {
            "registrationKey": "e13ec2a7c45c6d1bae9b266ed90dfff0"
registrationKey String Customer’s registration key. You can get it from the link in the customer confirmation registration email sent after customer creation. The example link:, where e13ec2a7c45c6d1bae9b266ed90dfff0 is the registration key.


If the customer email is confirmed successfully, the endpoint returns the 204 No Content status code.

Possible errors

Code Reason
423 Confirmation code is invalid or has been already used.
901 Confirmation code is empty.
For generic Glue Application errors that can also occur, see Reference information: GlueApplication errors.

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