Retrieving store configuration

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Depending on your project needs, you can set up a single store that serves all your business needs or have multiple stores designed for different applications or available in different countries. Regardless of how many stores you have, a store contains such generic configuration as the currencies that can be used in transactions, countries where a store is available, supported languages, and the time zone of the store.

The configuration of the current store in a project can be retrieved via an endpoint provided by the Stores API.


For detailed information on the modules that provide the API functionality and related installation instructions, see Glue Application Feature Integration.

Retrieve store configuration

To retrieve store configuration, send the request:

GET /stores


Request sample : GET


Response sample ```json { "data": [ { "type": "stores", "id": "DE", "attributes": { "timeZone": "Europe/Berlin", "defaultCurrency": "EUR", "currencies": [ { "code": "EUR", "name": "Euro" }, { "code": "CHF", "name": "Swiss Franc" } ], "locales": [ { "code": "en", "name": "en_US" }, { "code": "de", "name": "de_DE" } ], "countries": [ { "iso2Code": "AT", "iso3Code": "AUT", "name": "Austria", "postalCodeMandatory": true, "postalCodeRegex": "\\d{4}", "regions": [] }, { "iso2Code": "DE", "iso3Code": "DEU", "name": "Germany", "postalCodeMandatory": true, "postalCodeRegex": "\\d{5}", "regions": [] } ] }, "links": { "self": "" } } ], "links": { "self": "" } } ```
Attribute Type Description
timeZone String Name of the time zone of the selected store.
defaultCurrency String Default currency of the store.
code String Currency code.
name String Currency name.
code String Locale code.
name String Locale name.
iso2Code String 2 digit country code.
iso3Code String 3 digit country code.
name String Country name.
postalCodeMandatory Boolean Boolean to tell if a postal code is mandatory or not.
postalCodeRegex String Regular expression for the allowed postal codes.
iso2Code String Iso 2 code for the region.
name String Region name.

To view generic errors that originate from the Glue Application, see Reference information: GlueApplication errors.