Retrieving abstract product availability

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This endpoint allows to retrieve information about availability of abstract products.


For detailed information on the modules that provide the API functionality and related installation instructions, see:

Retrieve availability of an abstract product

To retrieve availability of an abstract product, send the request:

GET /abstract-products/{{abstract_product_sku}}/abstract-product-availabilities

Path parameter Description
{{abstract_product_sku}} SKU of an abstract product to get availability for.


Request sample : GET


Response sample:

    "data": [{
        "type": "abstract-product-availabilities",
        "id": "001",
        "attributes": {
            "availability": true,
            "quantity": 10
        "links": {
            "self": ""
    "links": {
        "self": ""

Field Type Description
availability Boolean Boolean to inform about the availability
quantity Integer Available stock (all warehouses aggregated)

Possible errors

Code Meaning
305 Availability is not found.
311 Abstract product SKU is not specified.

To view generic errors that originate from the Glue Application, see Reference information: GlueApplication errors.