Retrieving business unit addresses

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This endpoint allows retrieving business unit addresses.

Retrieve a business unit address

To retrieve a business unit address, send the request:

GET /company-business-unit-addresses/{{business_unit_address_id}}

Path parameter Description
{{business_unit_address_id}} Unique identifier of a business unit address to retrieve.


Header key Type Required Description
Authorization string String containing digits, letters, and symbols that authorize the company user. Authenticate as a company user to get the value.

Request sample: GET


Response sample
    "data": {
        "type": "company-business-unit-addresses",
        "id": "eec036ee-b999-5753-a7dd-8d0710a2312f",
        "attributes": {
            "address1": "Seeburger Str.",
            "address2": "270",
            "address3": "Block A 3 floor",
            "zipCode": "10115",
            "city": "Berlin",
            "phone": "4908892455",
            "iso2Code": null,
            "comment": ""
        "links": {
            "self": ""
Attribute Type Description
address1 String 1st line of the business unit address.
address2 String 2nd line of the business unit address.
address3 String 3rd line of the business unit address.
zipCode String ZIP code.
city String City.
phone String Phone number of the business unit.
iso2Code String ISO 2 Country Code to use.
comment String Optional comment describing the business unit address.

Possible errors

Status Reason
001 Access token is invalid.
002 Access token is missing.
2001 Сompany business unit address was not found.

If your current company account is not set, you may get the 404 status code.

To view generic errors that originate from the Glue Application, see Reference information: GlueApplication errors.

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