Retrieving Banner Content Item Data

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The Banner API implements REST API endpoint that provides the possibility to retrieve Banner content item data available in the storage.

In your development, these resources can help you get relevant information for your Banner content item for all or a specific locale. For example, you can view what page address your banner is linked to or what details are displayed for a specific locale.

For more information on creating and managing content items in CMS, see:


For details on the modules that provide the API functionality and how to install them, see Content Items API.

Retrieving Banner Content Item Data

To retrieve the Banner content item data, send a GET request to the following endpoint:


Request sample: GET where content-banners is the content item type and br-3 is the key of the Banner content item you want to retrieve.

The locale must be specified in the header of the GET request. If no locale is specified, data from the default locale will be returned.

If the request is successful and the Banner content item with the specified content item key has been found, the endpoint will respond with RestContentBannerResponse.

Sample response:

	"data": {
		"type": "content-banners",
		"id": "br-3",
		"attributes": {
			"title": "Cameras Winter Collection",
			"subtitle": "The best cameras in winter 2019",
			"imageUrl": "",
			"clickUrl": "/en/canon-powershot-n-35",
			"altText": "Best selling cameras in winter"
		"links": {
			"self": ""
Field* Type Description
title string Heading of the banner.
subtitle string Secondary message that clarifies a title to shop visitors.
imageUrl string Address to where the image element of the banner is stored.
clickUrl string URL of the target page to which your shop visitors are redirected.
altText string Text that describes the image.
  • The fields mentioned are all attributes in the response. Type and ID are not mentioned.
Code Reason
2201 Content not found.
2202 Content key is missing.
2203 Content type is invalid.