Set up the Merchant Portal

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This document provides details about how to set up the Spryker Merchant Portal.


To start using Merchant Portal, install Spryker Demo Shop:


To build Merchant Portal, install or update the following tools:

  • Node.js: minimum required version is 16.
  • npm: minimum required version is 8.


The main environmental differences between the existing frontends (Yves, Zed) and Merchant Portal are the following:

  • Minimum Node.js version is 16.
  • Minimum npm version is 8.

Using a unified approach, all frontend dependencies must be installed in one step.

The entire project is now an npm Workspace, meaning each submodule declares its dependencies. During the installation stage, npm installs all of those dependencies and stores them into the root of the project.

Install dependencies

npm install

Build Merchant Portal

npm run mp:build

All available commands are listed in the package.json file in the root folder.

Once everything has been installed, you can access the UI of Merchant Portal by going to $[local_domain]/security-merchant-portal-gui/login.

All Merchant Portal modules are located in the /vendor/spryker/spryker directory.