Feature Walkthroughs

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This section contains a collection of walkthroughs for the features found within the Spryker Commerce OS. Once Spryker has been installed, you can take advantage of its many different features as described below.


The Comments feature lets you add multiple comments to any entity. The feature can be integrated into any page or entity of the online shop.


The Merchant feature provides the core functionality for the SCOS B2B and Marketplace with the basic create-read-update operations over the Merchant entity. You cannot delete a merchant but only deactivate them.

Merchant B2B Contracts

The Merchant B2B Contracts feature lets you set up contracts between a merchant and B2B customer.

Merchant Product Restrictions

The Merchant Product Restrictions feature lets merchants define what products are available to each of their B2B customers.

Restricted products behavior

On this page, you can find commonly encountered cases of product restrictions behavior.

The Navigation module manages multiple navigation menus that can be displayed on the frontend (Yves). Every navigation section can contain its own nested structure of navigation nodes. Navigation nodes have types that help define what kind of link they represent.

Order Management

The Order Management feature adds a collection of functionalities that let you see the quantity of the order items, their status, and how long they exist. Also, you can view details per status and order page.

Custom Order Reference: module relations

The module relations for the Custom Order Reference feature.


The Sales module provides the order management functionality. The functionality is obtained through the ZED UI that renders orders with order details and the Client API to get customer orders.


The Payments feature lets customers pay for orders with none, one, or multiple payment methods during the checkout process.

Persistent Cart Sharing: module relations

This schema illustrates module relations in the Unique URL per Cart for the Easy Sharing feature

PriceProduct module details: reference information

This document describes technical details of the PriceProduct module that are valid since version 2 of the module.


The Reclamations feature lets Back Office users handle order claims issued by customers.

Spryker Core Back Office

The Spryker Core Back Office feature adds a comprehensive, intuitive administration area that provides the product and content management capabilities, categories and navigation building blocks, search and filter customizations, barcode generator, order handling, company structure creation (for B2B users), merchant-buyer contracts’ setup.