Restricted products behavior

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On this page, you can find commonly encountered cases of product restrictions behavior.

Name Blacklist/Whitelist Description Example
Product Catalog Blacklist

If the merchant relation has a blacklist, all buyers in the associated business units cannot interact with any products from the blacklist. The blacklisted products are excluded from view, search, existing lists and carts. If the category is a part of a blacklist, it is greyed out in the shop navigation, however, you can change this setting on the project level so, for example, that the category is not greyed out.

All products assigned to a category are also included in the black/white list.

In case the products are added to the category after it was included in a list, it is reflected after some time with the help of publish & sync process.

Upon entering the direct link for the blacklisted product, the shop visitor will see 404 Not found page.
Whitelist If the merchant relation has a whitelist, all buyers in the associated business units can interact only with the whitelisted products, except if they are also blacklisted. If a category is not part of any whitelist (if a whitelist exists), they are greyed out in navigation (you can also change this setting on the project level so, for example, that category is not greyed out).
Blacklist and Whitelist If a product is in a whitelist as well as in a blacklist, Blacklist wins. N/A
Neither blacklist nor whitelist If a merchant relation has neither black nor whitelist, all associated business units will not have any product restrictions. N/A
Multiple categories In case a product is a part of multiple categories and one category is a part of a list, the product is also a part of that list. N/A
Shopping cart Blacklist In case the products that already exist in carts get blacklisted, they are automatically removed from the cart.



During the reorder process, products that are restricted but exist in a previous order are automatically removed from the cart.

In the Order History, the customer is still able to see the order details even if the previously ordered items are currently blacklisted.

Shopping List


If the product, that is added to the shopping list, has been blacklisted, it is displayed as if it is unavailable.

Alternative products


If a product that has been added to a list of the alternative products, is restricted, it is not suggested on product pages.

Product Groups


If any of the products that are added to a product group, is restricted, it is not displayed in the Shop Application.

Related Products


If any of the related products is added to a blacklist - it is not displayed in the Shop Application.

Product Sets


In case any of the products in the product set are added to a whitelist - the other products are not displayed in the shop application.


In the case with the blacklist, when the whole product set is blacklisted - This product is not available message is shown on the product detail page, though the product set is still displayed on the Product Sets page.



If the products from CMS block have been added to a blacklist - they are not displayed on the website.

Promotional Products


If any of the promotional products are restricted, they are not available for purchase.

If all the variants for a promotional product are restricted - the restricted product is not shown at all.

Product Bundles


If you want to restrict the whole product bundle, a bundle SKU needs to be entered in the blacklist rule. If any of the products contained in a product bundle are restricted, the whole bundle is still available for purchase.

Business on Behalf


When switching Company User accounts by using the Business on Behalf feature a company user has the product restrictions lists that are assigned to the new company user they are logged in into.


Product search widget


If there are products that are blacklisted, they do not appear in search results in the search widget.

[An image showing a restricted product in the Admin Interface and searching for this product in Yves]


If there are cases you would like to get overview of within Product Restrictions feature, email us.