Measurement Units feature walkthrough

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The Measurement Units feature allows selling products by any unit of measure defined by in the Back Office.

To learn more about the feature and to find out how end users use it, see Measurement Units feature overview for business users.

Entity diagram

The following schema illustrates relations between alternative products:


  • conversion—factor to convert a value from sales to the base unit. If it is “null” then the information is taken from the global conversions (MeasurementUnitConverter.php file).
  • precision—ratio between a sales unit and a base unit. For example, a base unit is an “item”, and a user selects “kg” as a sales unit.
  • is_displayed—If true, then the value is shown on the Storefront.
  • is_default—If true, then the unit is shown as the default unit on the Storefront.
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