Enabling gift cards

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You are browsing a previous version of the document. The latest version is 202212.0.

The Gift Cards feature is shipped with the following modules:

  • GiftCard: implements the basic functionality of the Gift Cards feature as well as the Replacement value-checking strategy.

  • GiftCardBalance: implements gift card Balance value-checking strategy<.

  • GiftCardMailConnector: responsible for sending e-mails on gift cards usage (balance change) as well as gift cards codes delivery.

  • Nopayment: implements payment methods if the price to pay is fully covered by a gift card.

To enable the gift cards in your project, do the following:

  1. Make sure you have the correct versions of the required modules. To automatically update to the latest non-BC breaking versions, run composer update "spryker/*"
  2. Require the modules in your composer.json by running:
composer require spryker/gift-card:"^1.0.0" spryker/gift-card-balance:"^1.0.0"
spryker/gift-card-mail-connector:"^1.0.0" spryker/nopayment:"^4.0.0"
  1. Enable necessary plugins. See the table below for information on available plugins, where to install them and value checking strategies they are used for.
Plugin Description Where to Install Strategy
GiftCardCalculatorPlugin Splits applicable and non-applicable Gift Cards. Creates payment methods for applicable Gift Cards. CalculationDependencyProvider::getQuoteCalculatorPluginStack -
GiftCardCurrencyMatchDecisionRulePlugin Doesn’t allow using a Gift Card with a different currency rather than the one the customer has used while performing the payment. GiftCardDependencyProvider::getDecisionRulePlugins -
GiftCardIsActiveDecisionRulePlugin Doesn’t allow using inactive Gift Cards. GiftCardDependencyProvider::getDecisionRulePlugins -
GiftCardDiscountableItemFilterPlugin Restricts using a Gift Card for another Gift Cards in a cart. The plugin filters out Gift Cards from discountable items. DiscountDependencyProvider::getDiscountableItemFilterPlugins -
GiftCardIsUsedDecisionRulePlugin As a part of the replacement strategy, this plugin does not allow using a Gift Card twice. GiftCardDependencyProvider::getDecisionRulePlugins Replacement
GiftCardMetadataExpanderPlugin Populates Gift Card information when it is in the cart. CartDependencyProvider::getExpanderPlugins -
GiftCardOrderItemSaverPlugin Saves a Gift Card with populated data when an order is placed. CheckoutDependencyProvider::getCheckoutOrderSavers -
GiftCardOrderSaverPlugin Keeps Gift Card as an order payment method. PaymentDependencyProvider::extendPaymentPlugin with a key PaymentDependencyProvider::CHECKOUT_ORDER_SAVER_PLUGINS -
GiftCardPaymentMethodFilterPlugin Now, every payment method is compatible with a Gift Card in the cart. The plugin filters out all incompatible payment methods from available ones during checkout payment methods step. PaymentDependencyProvider::getPaymentMethodFilterPlugins -
GiftCardPreCheckPlugin Confirms that a Gift Card is not used at the moment and that payment method amount assigned to the Gift Card is no more than the Gift Card amount itself. PaymentDependencyProvider::extendPaymentPlugin with a key PaymentDependencyProvider::CHECKOUT_PRE_CHECK_PLUGINS -
GiftCardRecreateValueProviderPlugin For replacement: defines a Gift Card leftover. It’s simply a Gift Card amount for this strategy. GiftCardDependencyProvider::getValueProviderPlugin Replacement
CreateGiftCardCommandPlugin It is an order management system command to create a Gift Card based on a paid order item (a Gift Card item). OmsDependencyProvider::extendCommandPlugins -
ReplaceGiftCardsCommandPlugin For placement strategy: creates a new Gift Card based on leftover from the previous one. OmsDependencyProvider::extendCommandPlugins Replacement
IsGiftCardConditionPlugin This plugin is used to define an order management system state machine process routing. OmsDependencyProvider::extendConditionPlugins -
OnlyGiftCardShipmentMethodFilterPlugin Filters out shipment methods that are incompatible with Gift Cards. ShipmentDependencyProvider::getMethodFilterPlugins -
BalanceCheckerApplicabilityPlugin For balance strategy: checks positive balance on a Gift Card. GiftCardDependencyProvider::getDecisionRulePlugins Balance
BalanceTransactionLogPaymentSaverPlugin For balance strategy: persists a Gift Card during a payment processing. GiftCardDependencyProvider::getPaymentSaverPlugins Balance
GiftCardBalanceValueProviderPlugin For balance strategy: provides available Gift Card amount. Gift Card amount equals to logged transactions. GiftCardDependencyProvider::getValueProviderPlugin Balance
GiftCardDeliveryMailTypePlugin Sends an e-mail about a successfully issued Gift Card to a buyer. MailDependencyProvider::MAIL_TYPE_COLLECTION -
GiftCardUsageMailTypePlugin Sends an e-mail on Gift Card usage to its user. MailDependencyProvider::MAIL_TYPE_COLLECTION -
ShipGiftCardByEmailCommandPlugin An order management system command which triggers Gift Card electronic shipment. OmsDependencyProvider::extendCommandPlugins -
NopaymentHandlerPlugin A payment method placeholder that is used when an order is paid by only a Gift Card without a real payment method. CheckoutDependencyProvider::extendPaymentMethodHandler -
NopaymentPreCheckPlugin Doesn’t allow placing an order with a price to pay more than 0 with a NoPayment payment method. PaymentDependencyProvider::extendPaymentPlugins with a key PaymentDependencyProvider::CHECKOUT_ORDER_SAVER_PLUGINS -
PriceToPayPaymentMethodFilterPlugin Filters payment methods based on cart totals. PaymentDependencyProvider::getPaymentMethodFilterPlugins -
PaymentFormFilterPlugin Each payment method provides its subforms. The plugin filters them out based on an available payment method list. CheckoutDependencyProvider::getPaymentFormFilterPlugins -
PaymentCalculatorPlugin Distributes total prices to payment methods. Calculates price to pay to quote totals. CalculationDependencyProvider::getQuoteCalculatorPluginStack -