Glue API - Wishlist feature integration

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Install feature API


To start feature integration, overview and install the necessary features: |Name|Version|Integration guide| |—|—|—| | Glue API: Glue Application |201907.0|Glue Application feature integration| |Product|201907.0|Product API feature integration| |Wishlist| 201907.0 |

1) Install the required modules using Composer

Run the following command to install the required modules:

composer require spryker/wishlists-rest-api:"^1.0.0" --update-with-dependencies
Make sure that the following module has been installed:
Module Expected directory
WishlistsRestApi vendor/spryker/wishlists-rest-apiWishlistItems

2) Set Up Database Schema and Transfer Objects

Run the following commands to apply database changes, and generate entity and transfer changes:

console transfer:generate
console propel:install
console transfer:generate
Make sure that the following changes have occurred in the database:
Database entity Type Event
spy_wishlist.uuid column added
Make sure that the following changes have occurred in transfer objects:
Transfer Type Event Path
RestWishlistItemsAttributesTransfer class created src/Generated/Shared/Transfer/RestWishlistItemsAttributesTransfer
RestWishlistsAttributesTransfer class created src/Generated/Shared/Transfer/RestWishlistsAttributesTransfer
WishlistTransfer.uuid property added src/Generated/Shared/Transfer/WishlistTransfer

3) Set Up Behavior

Migrate data in the database

The following steps generate UUIDs for existing entities in the `spy_wishlist` table.

Run the following command:

console uuid:update Wishlist spy_wishlist

(Make sure that the following endpoints are available:

  • http:///
  • http:///{{wishlist_id}}/wishlists-items
Send a request to https://glue.mysprykershop.comm/customers/{{customer_id}}?include=wishlists and make sure that the given customer has at least one wishlist. Make sure that the response includes relationships to the wishlists resources.)

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Last review date: Aug 02, 2019