Checkout Workflow Integration Guide

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For example let’s create alternative checkout workflow which would only save order in database without any additional checks or calculations.

To define an alternative checkout workflow, add a constant to \Pyz\Shared\Checkout\CheckoutConstants:

const KEY_WORKFLOW_ALTERNATIVE_CHECKOUT = 'alternative-checkout';

Modify the getCheckoutWorkflows() method in \Pyz\Zed\Checkout\CheckoutDependencyProvider to define plugins for new workflow:

protected function getCheckoutWorkflows(Container $container)
	return [
		CheckoutConstants::KEY_WORKFLOW_MULTISTEP_CHECKOUT => (new CheckoutWorkflowPluginContainer(
		CheckoutConstants::KEY_WORKFLOW_ALTERNATIVE_CHECKOUT => (new CheckoutWorkflowPluginContainer(
				new SalesOrderSaverPlugin(),

After this, pass workflow id as a second parameter in the placeOrder() call of CheckoutFacade.

$this->getCheckoutFacade()->placeOrder($quoteTransfer, CheckoutConstants::KEY_WORKFLOW_ALTERNATIVE_CHECKOUT);