Quick Add to Cart + Non-splittable Products feature integration

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Install Feature Core


To start feature integration, review and install the necessary features:

Name Version
Quick Add To Cart 201903.0
Non-splittable Products 201903.0

1) Set up Behavior

Set up the Additional Functionality

Enable the following behaviors by registering the plugins:

Plugin Specification Prerequisites Namespace
ProductQuantityItemValidatorPlugin Checks if the provided product quantity has quantity restrictions and provided quantity fits them, if no - adds an error message. None Spryker\Client\ProductQuantityStorage\Plugin\QuickOrder
namespace Pyz\Client\QuickOrder;
use Spryker\Client\ProductQuantityStorage\Plugin\QuickOrder\ProductQuantityItemValidatorPlugin;
use Spryker\Client\QuickOrder\QuickOrderDependencyProvider as SprykerQuickOrderDependencyProvider;
class QuickOrderDependencyProvider extends SprykerQuickOrderDependencyProvider
	* @return \Spryker\Client\QuickOrderExtension\Dependency\Plugin\ItemValidatorPluginInterface[]
	protected function getQuickOrderBuildItemValidatorPlugins(): array
		return [
			new ProductQuantityItemValidatorPlugin(),

Make the following checks at https://mysprykershop.com/quick-order:
`ProductQuantityItemValidatorPlugin`takes care about quantities restrictions. Provide an SKU with quantity restrictions on the **Quick Add To Cart** page and verify if quantity gets automatically adjusted according to the quantity restrictions.