Alternative Products + Wishlist feature integration

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Install feature frontend


To start feature integration, review and install the necessary features: |Name|Version| |—|—| |Alternative Products|201903.0| |Wishlist|201903.0|

1) Add Translations

Append glossary according to your configuration: src/data/import/glossary.csv

product_alternative_widget.add_to_wishlist,Add to Wishlist,en_US
product_alternative_widget.add_to_wishlist,Zur Wunschliste hinzufügen,de_DE

Run the following console command to import data:

console data:import glossary
Make sure that in the database the configured data are added to the `spy_glossary` table.

2) Set up Widgets

Register the following plugins to enable widgets: |Plugin|Description|Prerequisites|Namespace| |—|—|—|—| |WishlistProductAlternativeWidget|Displays a list of alternative products on wishlist page.|None|SprykerShop\Yves\ProductAlternativeWidget\Widget|

namespace Pyz\Yves\ShopApplication;
use SprykerShop\Yves\ProductAlternativeWidget\Widget\WishlistProductAlternativeWidget;
use SprykerShop\Yves\ShopApplication\ShopApplicationDependencyProvider as SprykerShopApplicationDependencyProvider;
class ShopApplicationDependencyProvider extends SprykerShopApplicationDependencyProvider
	 * @return string[]
	protected function getGlobalWidgets(): array
		return [

Run the following command to enable Javascript and CSS changes:

console frontend:yves:build
Make sure that the following widgets were registered:td>Test
`WishlistProductAlternativeWidget`Assign some alternative products in Zed, and make sure that they are displayed on the wishlist page of the product to which they were assigned.