Product Merchandising

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The Product Merchandising category contains all data you need to manage merchandising information in your online store. We have structured this section according to the following CSV files that you must use to import the data:

The following table provides details about Product Merchandising data importers, their purpose, CSV files, dependencies, and other details. Each data importer contains links to CSV files used to import the corresponding data, including specifications of mandatory and unique fields, dependencies, detailed explanations, recommendations, templates, and content examples.

Product Group Imports information used to create product groups. data:import:product-group product_group.csv product_abstract.csv
Product Label Imports information used to define the labels that can be assigned to the products, such as special sales labels. data:import:product-label product_label.csv product_abstract.csv
Product Label Store Imports information to configure product label and store assignment. data:import:product-label-store product_label_store.csv product_label.csv
Product Relation Imports information used to define which products are related to each other. data:import:product-relation product_relation.csv product_abstract.csv
Product Review Imports information about product reviews. data:import:product-review product_review.csv
Product Search Attribute Imports information used to set additional search attributes. data:import:product-search-attribute product_search_attribute.csv product_attribute_key.csv
Product Search Attribute Map Imports information to map the product attributes that are imported in the product_attribute_key.csv file with Elasticsearch-specific properties. data:import:product-search-attribute-map product_search_attribute_map.csv product_attribute_key.csv
Product Set Imports relevant information about the product sets. data:import:product-set product_set.csv product_abstract.csv
Product Discontinued Imports information identifying products that have been discontinued. data:import:product-discontinued product_discontinued.csv product_concrete.csv
Product Alternative Imports information identifying alternative products to ones that have been discontinued. data:import:product-alternative product_alternative.csv
Product Quantity Contains information about product quantity restrictions (e.g. a customer cannot buy less than 100 units of an item). data:import:product-quantity product_quantity.csv product_concrete.csv