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This document describes the customer.csv file to configure Customer information in your Spryker Demo Shop.

To import the file, run:


Import file parameters

The file must have the following parameters:

customer_reference String Must be unique and end with a number. Reference of the Customer.
locale_name String Locale name.
phone String Customer’s phone number.
email String Must be unique. Customer’s e-mail.
salutation String Values must be:
  • Mr
  • Mrs
  • Dr, or
  • Ms
The value must be within the list of values predefined in the spyCustomerTableMap.php file.
first_name String Customer’s first name.
last_name String Customer’s last name.
company String Customer’s Company
gender String Values must be:
  • Male, or
  • Female
Customer’s gender.
The value must be within the list of values predefined in the spyCustomerTableMap.phpfile.
date_of_birth Date Customer’s date of birth.
password String Customer’s password.
registered Date Customer’s date of registration.

Import file dependencies

This file has no dependencies.

Import template file and content example

The following table contains the template and an example of the file:

customer.csv template Exemplary import file with headers only.
customer.csv Exemplary import file with Demo Shop data.