Commerce Setup

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The Commerce Setup category contains data required to set up the multi-store environment, warehouses, tax levels, shipping, and payment methods, so you can start selling products and services online. The following table provides details about Commerce Setup data importers, their purpose, CSV files, dependencies, and other details. Each data importer contains links to CSV files used to import the corresponding data, including specifications of mandatory and unique fields, dependencies, detailed explanations, recommendations, templates, and content examples.

Store Imports basic information about the stores. data:import:store There is no CSV file to import the store setup information.
Store names and other setup information is set in the stores.php configuration file in the demo shop PHP project.
stores.php configuration file of Demo Shop
Currency Imports information about currencies used in the store(s). The currency.csv file provides an easy way to load information about currencies used in Spryker Demo Shop. It allows to load information like: ISO code, currency symbol, and the name of the currency. data:import:currency currency.csv None
Customer Imports information about customers. data:import:customer customer.csv None
Glossary Imports information relative to the several locales. data:import:glossary glossary.csv None
Tax Imports information about taxes. data:import:tax tax.csv None
Shipment Imports information about shipment methods. data:import:shipment shipment.csv None
Shipment Price Imports information about the price of each shipment method, applied in each store. data:import:shipment-price shipment_price.csv
Shipment Method Store Links a shipment method to a specific store. data:import:shipment-method-store shipment_method_store.csv
  • shipment.csv
  • stores.php configuration file of demo shop PHP project
Sales Order Threshold Imports information about sales order thresholds. The CSV file content defines certain thresholds for specific stores and currencies. data:import:sales-order-threshold sales_order_threshold.csv
Warehouse Imports information about warehouses (for example, name of the warehouse, and if it is available or not). data:import:stock warehouse.csv None
Warehouse Store Imports information about the Warehouse / Store relation configuration indicating which warehouse serves which store(s). data:import:stock-store warehouse_store.csv
  • warehouse.csv
  • stores.php configuration file of demo shop PHP project
Payment Method Imports information about payment methods as well as payment providers. data:import:payment-method payment_method.csv None
Payment Method Store Imports information about payment methods per store. The CSV file links the payment method with each store. data:import:payment-method-store payment_method_store.csv
Warehouse address Imports warehouse address information to be used as shipping origin address. data:import:stock-address warehouse_address.csv warehouse.csv
Order Updates the status of the order item. order-oms:status-import order-status order-status.csv