Merchandising Setup

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The Merchandising Setup category contains data required to manage the merchandising information in the online store. We have structured it into two main categories focusing on the following topics:

Within the Product Merchandising section, you will find all information about the data imports required to manage product merchandising, which includes management of the Product Groups, Product Labels, Product Sets, etc.

In the Discounts section, you will be able to import all data related to product discounts.

Import order

The order in which the files are imported is very strict. For this reason, the data importers should be executed in the following order:

  1. Discount
  2. Discount Store
  3. Discount Voucher
  4. Product Group
  5. Product Relation
  6. Product Review
  7. Product Label
  8. Product Set
  9. Product Search Attribute Map
  10. Product Search Attribute
  11. Discount Amount
  12. Product Discontinued
  13. Product Alternative
  14. Product Quantity