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This article contains content of the discount.csv file to configure Discount information on your Spryker Demo Shop.

Headers & Mandatory Fields

These are the header fields to be included in the .csv file:

Field Name Mandatory Type Other Requirements/Comments Description
discount_key Yes (unique) String N/A* Key identifier of the discount.
display_name Yes (unique) String N/A Unique display name of the discount.
description Yes String N/A Description of the discount.
amount No Number N/A Discount amount.
calculator_plugin No String N/A Name of the plugin used to calculate the product discount.
is_exclusive No Boolean True = 1
False = 0
Indicates if the discount is exclusive or not.
is_active Boolean String True = 1
False = 0
Indicates if the discount is active or not.
valid_from No Date N/A Indicates the date from which the discount is valid.
valid_to No String N/A Indicates the date to which the discount is valid.
decision_rule_query_string No String N/A Query with the decision rule to assign the discount.
collector_query_string No String N/A Query with the rule to collect the discount.
discount_type No String discount_type can be either:
  • cart_rule
  • voucher
Type of discount.
promotion_sku No String N/A SKU of the promotion.
promotion_quantity No Number N/A Quantity of product items that have this discount.

*N/A: Not applicable.


This file has no dependencies.

Recommendations & other information

If discount_type is set to voucher then a voucher pool will be created from this data.

Template File & Content Example

A template and an example of the discount.csv file can be downloaded here:

File Description
discount.csv template Discount .csv template file (empty content, contains headers only).
discount.csv Discount .csv file containing a Demo Shop data sample.