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This document describes the cms_slot.csv file to configure CMS Slot information in your Spryker Demo Shop.

To import the file, run:


Import file parameters

The file should have the following parameters:

template_path String Must be a valid path to a twig template. Path to the Twig file template.
slot_key String Must be unique. Identifier of the slot that is used by slot widget when rendering the content of this slot
content_provider String Must be a valid type of content provider. Defines the source of content of this slot.
name String Alphabetical identifier of the slot. It will be shown in the Back Office.
description String Description of the slot. It will be shown in the Back Office.
is_active Boolean
  • Inactive = 0
  • Active = 1
  • If empty during the import, the slots will be imported as inactive.
Indicates if the slot is active or inactive.
If the slot is inactive, it is not rendered in the Storefront by the slot widget.

Import file dependencies

This file has no dependencies.

Import template file and content example

Find the template and an example of the file below:

cms_slot.csv template Exemplary import file with headers only.
cms_slot.csv Exemplary import file with Demo Shop data.