Content Management

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The Content Management category contains data required to create and manage content elements, such es CMS pages, blocks, etc. for your online store.

The table below provides details on Content Management data importers, their purpose, .csv files, dependencies, and other details. Each data importer contains links to .csv files used to import the corresponding data, including specifications of mandatory and unique fields, dependencies, detailed explanations, recommendations, templates, and content examples.

Data Importer Purpose Console Command File(s) Dependencies
CMS Template Imports information about CMS templates. data:import:cms-template cms_template.csv None
CMS Slot Template Imports information about the CMS slot templates. data:import cms-slot-template cms_slot_template.csv None
CMS Slot Imports information about CMS slots. data:import cms-slot cms_slot.csv None
CMS Block Imports information about CMS blocks. data:import:cms-block cms_block.csv None
CMS Block Category Imports information about CMS block categories. data:import:cms-block-category cms_block_category.csv cms_block_category_position.csv
CMS Block Category Position Imports information about CMS block category positions. data:import:cms-block-category-position cms_block_category_position.csv None
CMS Slot Block Imports information used to set the relations between CMS slots and CMS blocks. data:import cms-slot-block cms_block_store.csv
CMS Block Store Imports information used to link the CMS blocks to specific stores. data:import:cms-block-store cms_block_store.csv
  • cms_block.csv
  • stores.php configuration file of demo shop PHP project
CMS Page Imports information about CMS pages. data:import cms-page cms_page.csv cms_template.csv
CMS Page Store Imports information about CMS pages to specific stores. data:import cms-page-store cms_page_store.csv
  • cms_page.csv
  • stores.php configuration file of demo shop PHP project
Content Banner Imports information used in banners’ content. data:import content-banner content_banner.csv glossary.csv
Content Product Abstract List Imports information used to import the content related to abstract products. data:import content-product-abstract-list content_product_abstract_list.csv product_abstract.csv
Content Product Set Imports information used to load content linked to product sets. data:import content-product-set content_product_set.csv product_set.csv
Import order

The order in which the files are imported is very strict. For this reason, the data importers should be executed in the following order:

  1. CMS Template
  2. CMS Block
  3. CMS Block Store
  4. CMS Block Category Position
  5. CMS Block Category
  6. Content Banner
  7. Content Product Abstract List
  8. Content Product Set
  9. CMS Page
  10. CMS Page Store
  11. CMS Slot Template
  12. CMS Slot
  13. CMS Slot Block