File details- warehouse_store.csv

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This article contains content of the warehouse_store.csv file to configure the relation between Warehouse and Store in your Spryker Demo Shop.

Import file parameters

The file should have the following parameters:

Parameter Required Type Default value Requirements or comments Description
warehouse_name String Must be a valid warehouse name imported from warehouse.csv. Name of the warehouse.
store_name String Must be a valid store name imported from the existing stores.php configuration file of demo shop PHP project. Name of the store.


This file has the following dependencies:

  • [warehouse.csv](/docs/scos/dev/data-import/202108.0/data-import-categories/commerce-setup/file-details-warehouse.csv.html)
  • `stores.php` configuration file of demo shop PHP project, where stores are defined initially

Additional details

Check the HowTo - Import Warehouse Data.
The console command data:import:stock-store uses …/vendor/spryker/stock-data-import/data/import/warehouse_store.csv.

You can also create warehouse_store.csv in …/data/import.

Import template file and content example

Find the template and an example of the file below:

File Description
warehouse_store.csv template Import file template with headers only.
warehouse_store.csv Exemplary import file with Demo Shop data.