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This document describes the product_stock.csv file to configure Product Stock information In your Spryker Demo Shop.

To import the file, run:


Import file parameters

The file should have the following parameters:

concrete_sku String SKU reference that identifies the concrete product.
name String The name value is imported from the warehouse.csv file.
quantity Integer Number of product items remaining in stock. The number of articles available in the warehouse.
is_never_out_of_stock Boolean True = 1
False = 0
Used for non-tangible products that never run out-of-stock (for example, a software license, a service, etc.). The value must be 1 (true) if it is a non-tangible product.
is_bundle Boolean True = 1
False = 0
Indicates if the product is a a bundle or not. The value will be equal to 1 (true) if the product is a bundle.

Import file dependencies

This file has the following dependencies:

Additional information

  • The product_stock.csv file contains information about the amount of product articles stored in the warehouses.
  • The product is identified by concrete_sku field (imported from product_concrete.csv), field name is a valid name of a warehouse (imported from warehouse.csv), field quantity is a number of product items/articles remaining in stock.
  • When you update stock via the data import and some products do not have the records in the product_stock.csv file, then stock of these products are not updated.

Import template file and content example

Find the template and an example of the file below:

product_stock.csv template Exemplary import file with headers only.
product_stock.csv Exemplary import file with Demo Shop data.