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This article contains content of the product_stock.csv file to configure Product Stock information on your Spryker Demo Shop.

Headers & Mandatory Fields

These are the header fields to be included in the .csv file:

Field Name Mandatory Type Other Requirements/Comments Description
concrete_sku Yes String N/A* SKU reference that identifies the concrete product.
name Yes String The name value is imported from the warehouse.csv file.
quantity Yes Integer N/A Number of product items remaining in stock. The number of articles available in the warehouse.
is_never_out_of_stock No Boolean True = 1
False = 0
Used for non-tangible products that never run out-of-stock (i.e. a software licence, a service, etc.). The value must be 1 (true) if it is a non-tangible product.
is_bundle No Boolean True = 1
False = 0
Indicates if the product is a a bundle or not. The value will be equal to 1 (true) if the product is a bundle.
*N/A: Not applicable.


This file has the following dependencies:

Recommendation & Other Information

  • The product_stock.csv file contains information about the amount of product articles stored on the warehouses.
  • The product is identified by concrete_sku field (imported from product_concrete.csv), field name is a valid name of a warehouse (imported from warehouse.csv), field quantity is a number of product items/articles remaining in stock.
  • When you update stock via the data import and some products do not have the records in the product_stock.csv file, then stock of these products are not updated.

Template File & Content Example

A template and an example of the product_stock.csv file can be downloaded here:

File Description
product_stock.csv template Payment Method Store .csv template file (empty content, contains headers only).
product_stock.csv Payment Method Store .csv file containing a Demo Shop data sample.