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This document describes the product_concrete.csv file to configure Concrete Product information in your Spryker Demo Shop.

To import the file, run:


Import file parameters

The file should have the following parameters:

abstract_sku String SKU identifier of the abstract product.
old_sku String Old SKU identifier.
concrete_sku String Must be unique. SKU identifier of the concrete product.
Example value: name.en_US
String Name of the product in the specified location (US for our example).
Example value: attribute_key_1
✓ (if this attribute is defined) String Product attribute key for the attribute.
Example value: value_1
✓ (if this attribute is defined) String Product value for the attribute.
Example value: attribute_key_1.en_US
String Product attribute key, for the first attribute, translated in the specified locale (US for our example).
Example value: value_1.en_US
String Product value for the attribute, translated in the specified locale (US for our example).
icecat_pdp_url String Icecat product catalogue URL service.
Example value: description.en_US
String Product description, translated in the specified locale (US for our example).
Example value: is_searchable.en_US
Integer Indicates if the product is searchable in the specified locale (US for our example).
icecat_license String Icecat product catalogue license code.
bundled String Products SKUs separated by comas, that are part of the bundle.
is_quantity_splittable Boolean If it is empty, will be False.
False = 0
True = 1
To be considered a new product until this presented date.

*N/A: Not applicable.

** ANY_LOCALE_NAME: Locale date is dynamic in data importers. It means that ANY_LOCALE_NAME postfix can be changed, removed, and any number of columns with different locales can be added to the CSV files. ** NUMBER: Any number of the attribute-value column pair can be added

Import file dependencies

This file has the following dependency: product_abstract.csv.

Recommendations & other information

Every concrete product is linked to an abstract one via the abstract_sku field.

Import template file and content example

Find the template and an example of the file below:

product_concrete.csv template Product Exemplary import file with headers only.
product_concrete.csv Exemplary import file with Demo Shop data.