File details- product_relation.csv

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This article contains content of the product_relation.csv file to configure Product Relation information on your Spryker Demo Shop.

Import file parameters

These are the header fields to be included in the .csv file:

Field Name Mandatory Type Other Requirements/Comments Description
product Yes String N/A* SKU of the abstract product.
relation_type No String N/A Type of relation.
rule No String N/A Query which defines the relation between the product and the other products.
product_relation_key Yes String N/A Key that is used to assign store relations.
is_active No Integer N/A Defines if the product relation is active.
is_rebuild_scheduled No Integer N/A Defines if the list of related products should be regularly updated by running a cronjob.
*N/A: Not applicable.


This file has the following dependency:

Import template file and content example

A template and an example of the product_relation.csv file can be downloaded here:

File Description
product_relation.csv template Product Relation .csv template file (empty content, contains headers only).
product_relation.csv Product Relation .csv file containing a Demo Shop data sample.