File details- payment_method_store.csv

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This article contains content of the payment_method_store.csv file to configure Payment Method Store information on your Spryker Demo Shop.

Headers & Mandatory Fields

These are the header fields to be included in the .csv file:

Field Name Mandatory Type Other Requirements/Comments Description
payment_method_key Yes String Value should be imported from the payment_method.csv file. Identifier of the payment method.
store Yes String Value must be within an existing store name, set in the store.php configuration file of the demo shop PHP project. Name of the store.
*N/A: Not applicable.


This file has the following dependencies:

  • [payment_method.csv](/docs/scos/dev/data-import/202005.0/data-import-categories/commerce-setup/file-details-payment-method.csv.html) 
  • *stores.php* configuration file of the demo shop PHP project

Template File & Content Example

A template and an example of the payment_method_store.csv file can be downloaded here:

File Description
payment_method_store.csv template Payment Method Store .csv template file (empty content, contains headers only).
payment_method_store.csv Payment Method Store .csv file containing a Demo Shop data sample.