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In Spryker, we welcome contributions in all forms, be it detailed Issues or PRs(Pull Requests). As PRs directly show the changes and the context, we verify and ship them faster. Therefore, PRs are the preferred method of contribution.

If you’ve submitted an issue to our support portal, add a link to the related PR. It helps us to resolve issues faster.


Spryker uses different licenses: our proprietary licenses and common open-source licenses. In general, you can contribute to our public repositories - spryker, spryker-shop, spryker-feature. Read of a module before opening a PR.

Opening pull requests

To contribute to a Spryker repository:

  1. Fork the repository and create a branch with your changes. Ensure that the commit messages explain the aim of the applied changes or fixes.
  2. Open a PR in the repository. Ensure that the title and description clearly describe the context of your work.

If we cannot merge a PR due to our release process, we manually introduce the change. Once the change is released, we inform you by closing the Pull Request. We also provide the link to the relevant release or releases so you can check your changes. Issue integration process is shown in the following diagram.


When will you process my request?

The processing time depends on the importance of the changes and the amount of work required to check and implement the changes. In case an important change is requested via a PR, we may be able to ship it within one day.

If you create a PR and feel that the issue is important, contact our support to speed up the process.

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