Adding Events

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When adding an event, make sure you first decide what kind of events you want to trigger in your code. Events are stored in a class for later use, by adding its literal string value (ModuleName.subject.action). This value uniquely identifies an event in the event module, and all listeners attached to it will be triggered when a corresponding module invokes an event.

For example, when you want to perform an action on a product before creating it, first create a class to hold all the module events for example: Spryker\Zed\Product\Dependency\ProductEvents, then add the following constant ProductEvents::PRODUCT_ABSTRACT_BEFORE_CREATE with a value of Product.product_abstract.before.create(the convention is first part module name, then subject and lastly the action you are free to define the naming just keep it literal for code clarity). Next, trigger the event using the event facade \Spryker\Zed\Event\EventFacadeInterface::trigger method which accepts two arguments, eventName is the name of event we created before ProductEvents::PRODUCT_ABSTRACT_BEFORE_CREATE and TransferInterface is the transfer object you want to pass to the event listener. Invoke this method in the place where the extension point is needed. In this case before entity is persisted.