Integrate Bazaarvoice

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The BazaarVoice app requires the following Spryker modules:

  • spryker/asset: ^1.2.0
  • spryker/asset-storage: ^1.1.0
  • spryker/message-broker: ^1.0.0
  • spryker/message-broker-aws: ^1.0.0
  • spryker/message-broker-extension: ^1.0.0
  • spryker-shop/asset-widget: ^1.0.0
  • spryker-shop/product-detail-page: ^3.17.0
  • spryker-shop/product-category-widget: ^1.6.0
  • spryker-shop/shop-ui: ^1.59.0


To integrate Bazaarvoice, follow these steps:

  1. In your store’s Back Office, go to Apps > Catalog.
  2. Click Bazaarvoice.
  3. In the top right corner of the Bazaarvoice app details page, click Connect app. This takes you to the Bazaarvoice site with the signup form.
  4. Fill out the Bazaarvoice signup form and submit it. You should receive the Bazaarvoice credentials.
  5. Go back to your store’s Back Office, to the Bazaarvoice app details page.
  6. In the top right corner of the Bazaarvoice app details page, click Configure.
  7. In the Configure pane, enter the credentials you received from Bazaarvoice.

That’s it. You have integrated the Bazaarvoice app into your store. It usually takes Bazaarvoice a few days to process your product feed. Therefore, you should see the external ratings and reviews from Bazaarvoice in about 2-3 days after you integrated the app.


You can do the administration work on the Bazaarvoice reviews from the Bazaarvoice portal. For example, you can approve individual reviews. See Workbench overview for details on how you can manage reviews from the Bazaarvoice portal.

Next steps

Configure the Bazzarevoice app for your store.