Configure Bazaarvoice

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After you have integrated the Bazaarvoice app, you can configure the following for your store:

  • Bazaarvoice services you need
  • Stores you want the Bazaarvoice UGC to be displayed in

To configure Bazaarvoice, follow these steps:

  1. In your store’s Back Office, go to Apps > Catalog.

  2. Click Bazaarvoice. This takes you to the Bazaarvoice app details page.

  3. Click Configure.

  4. In Settings > Select Services, select the services that you need:

    • RATINGS & REVIEWS: These are the accumulated star ratings along with reviews that are displayed on the product details page.
    • INLINE RATINGS: This service displays the star ratings directly in these lists of products, for example, in search results, in the product catalog, etc.
    • Bazaarvoice PIXEL: Adds a single tracking pixel to your shopping cart page and product details page. It lets Bazaarvoice track whether the products that have more UGC have a better conversion rate than products without many ratings and reviews.
  5. To configure the stores where you want to turn on the Bazaarvoice app, in Settings > Store, select the stores.