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Accept payments. Effortlessly and anywhere

Every business is unique. What do you need to succeed?

We offer you flexible payment solutions that are tailored to your business. Improve your performance online, mobile, and in-app with a user-friendly checkout. If your business has physical stores, we can make your life easier with smart payment terminals and POS systems.

Do you do business both online and offline? With Unzer, your payment data from every channel comes together on one central platform. Our analytics help you to better understand your customers’ buying behavior. This helps you offer a seamless shopping experience on every channel—for happy customers and higher revenue.

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Unzer geography of business

Unzer is specialized in the European market and its currencies. You need a business located in Europe to be able to use Unzer services.

Integration scope With Spryker

Spryker uses Unzer split payments capabilities to support its Marketplace offering. Unzer is the first Payment Service Provider (PSP) compatible with Spryker Enterprise Marketplace.

You can use Unzer in a single seller context or a marketplace context.

Payment methods available in the integration

Credit Card
Unzer Bank Transfer