Tutorial: CMS

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Challenge description

Create a static Contact Us page and integrate it into Yves. Then, create your own template and use it.

Create a static page

  1. Go to Zed UI and open the CMS Pages https://zed.mysprykershop.com/cms-gui/list-page backend.
  2. Add a CMS page that uses the URL /de/contact.
  3. Add the text you want to show on the static page.
  4. Activate the page. You can see the page here.

Use your own template

  1. Under src/Pyz/Yves/Cms/Theme/default/template, create a template and call it contact.
  2. Add a placeholder and call it MyPlaceholder. You can open some other templates to see how it’s done.
  3. Go back to the CMS Pages(https://zed.mysprykershop.com/cms-gui/list-page) backend and edit your page
  4. Change the template to use contact.
  5. Add new text to the placeholder MyPlaceholder.
  6. Go back to the page and have a look at the changes.