Marketplace personas

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Marketplace extension provided by Spryker Cloud Commerce OS covers a wide range of needs for sellers and buyers and presupposes the fulfillment of multiple actions by various types of users in different areas of the Marketplace. This article describes the different types of users - personas, that function within the Marketplace.

A Marketplace is a type of e-commerce website where products or services are delivered and fulfilled by multiple sellers or merchants to the buyers, whereas transactions are processed by the Marketplace operator.

Marketplace operator is the company that owns the Marketplace. It can also sell on the marketplace as the main merchant.

Marketplace administrator

Marketplace administrator works for Marketplace operator in the Spryker Back Office. The Marketplace administrator is also known as the admin user for the whole Marketplace and are responsible for:

  • managing merchants;
  • managing offers of all products from all merchants;
  • managing all products from all merchants;
  • controlling all orders from merchants.

Merchant user

Merchant user is the employee of the merchant and their company who uses the Merchant Portal to sell in the Marketplace. Merchant user is able to perform the following actions:

  • create and edit merchant’s product offers on products;
  • manage merchant products;
  • manage promotions;
  • manage stock and product availability of the merchant’s products and offers;
  • update, approve/deny merchant orders;
  • process returns.


Buyer is the user who actively uses the Storefront. It is either a registered user who has a Customer Account or a guest user who hasn’t yet registered and makes purchases in the Marketplace Storefront.