Release notes 202204.0

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The Spryker Commerce OS is an end-to-end solution for digital commerce. This document contains a business level description of new Marketplace features and enhancements. For information about installing the Spryker Commerce OS, see Developer getting started guide, and for information about upgrading it with Enterprise Marketplace Capabilities, see How-To: Upgrade Spryker instance to the Marketplace.

B2B Marketplace Demo Shop

The Spryker B2B Marketplace Suite is a collection of ready-to-use B2B- Marketplace-specific features. The B2B Marketplace Demo Shop is a showcase that is pre-loaded with a combination of modules and functionalities best suited for the B2B Marketplace commerce. This Demo Shop is our recommended starting point for all standard B2B Marketplace commerce projects.


Marketplace B2B Demo Shop

Marketplace Merchant Custom Prices in the Merchant Portal

With the Merchant Custom Prices in Merchant Portal feature, the 3rd-party Merchants of the B2B marketplaces can provide specific prices for their various customers’ business units using the Merchant Portal UI.



Marketplace Merchant Custom Prices feature overview

Marketplace Product Approval Process

The Operator’s main challenge is to ensure the quality of the data in the marketplace. The Merchant Product Approval Process feature provides the marketplace operator with more control of 3rd-party merchants’ products. The status can be either of the following: draft, waiting for approval, approved, and denied, with the option to set a default status per merchant.



Marketplace Product Approval Process feature overview

Marketplace Shopping Lists and API

The Marketplace Shopping Lists feature lets B2B customers create and share multiple lists of merchant products and product offers between company business units or single users.


Marketplace Shopping Lists feature overview

Marketplace Quick Add to Cart

The Marketplace Quick Add to Cart feature lets B2B customers find and buy merchant products and product offers quickly and bulk add them to the cart.


Marketplace Product feature overview
Marketplace Product Offer feature overview

Technical Enhancements

Angular v12

The frontend project of the Spryker Marketplace was upgraded to Angular 12. Follow the steps from the migration guide to update the Angular version of the project.

Migration guide - Upgrade to Angular v12