Merchant Opening Hours feature overview

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To provide maximum selling activity, merchants can provide their working schedule, by defining the opening hours on weekdays, holidays and exceptional cases.

A merchant has:

  • Default opening hours—defined per weekday and time including:

    • Lunch break time
    • Open/Closed state
  • Special opening hours—are relevant for cases:

    • Merchant is opened on a usually closed day (e.g., Sunday)
    • Merchant has different opening hours in comparison to a normal schedule (e.g., December 31th has shorter opening hours)
  • Public holidays—special days when the Merchant is not available due to the public holidays

To display merchant opening hours on the Storefront, you should import the open hours information. See File details: merchant_open_hours_date_schedule.csv and File details: merchant_open_hours_week_day_schedule.csv for information on how to do that.

Developer guides

Are you a developer? See Merchant Opening Hours feature walkthrough for developers.