Abstract product: reference information

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Create/edit abstract product

The following tables describe the attributes that you use when creating and editing concrete and abstract products.


The set of tabs for the Create and Edit pages, as well as for abstract and concrete products, is different. Hence, the additional columns with identifiers are added for your convenience.

General tab

Store relation Defines the store for which the product can be available. You can select multiple values. Yes Yes
SKU Prefix Number that you assign to the product will help track unique information related to that product. Yes Display Only
Name Name of your product that is displayed in the online store for your customers. Yes Yes
Description Description of the product that your customer sees in the online store. Yes Yes
New from New to Defines the period of time for which a dynamic label New will be assigned to the product. Either no dates can be selected, or both. Yes Yes

Price & Stock tab

Merchant Price Dimension B2B Only
Allows selecting a merchant relation and setting up a specific price for a specific merchant. If the Default value is selected, the prices will be the same for everyone. The values available for selection derive from Marketplace > Merchant Relations. Only one value can be selected.
Yes Yes
Gross price Net price Price value for gross and net mode. The price you populate is inherited by all product variants you add during the abstract product creation. Yes Yes
Default Original Default prices are prices your customers will pay, whereas original prices are the “previous price” in case you want to display promotions. If you specify only a default price, it will be displayed just like a normal product price. However, if both prices are specified, the original one will appear crossed out in the shop. Yes Yes
Add Product Volume Price
Edit Product Volume Price
Once selected, the Add volume price (Edit volume price) page opens. This option lets you define specific prices for a specific quantity of products that a customer selects. It works only in the case of Default prices. The Add Product Volume Price button appears only when the gross and/or net prices for a store are set up beforehand and saved. Edit Product Volume Price appears only if the volume price has already been set up for a currency. No Yes
Tax Set Conditions under which a product is going to be taxed. The values available for selection derive from [Taxes > Tax Sets]/docs/scos/user/back-office-user-guides/202108.0/administration/tax-sets/managing-tax-sets.html). Only one value can be selected. Yes Yes

Variants tab


No values are available for selection when you create a product bundle. When you create a bundle, one product variant will be added by default.

  • While creating an abstract product, you see a list of super attributes that derive from Catalog > Attributes. You can select as many super attributes as you need and define from one to many values for them (those values will define the difference between the product variants). Please keep in mind that moving forward, you will be able to create product variants only based on the selected super attributes. To add more product variants in the future, add at least one super attribute and define at least one value for it.

  • While editing the abstract product/product bundle, you see a table that displays the product variants that exist for this abstract product. From this page, you can view, edit, and manage attributes for the product variant.

SEO tab

Title Meta title for your product. Yes Yes
Keywords Meta keywords for your product. Yes Yes
Description Meta description for your product. Yes Yes

Image tab

Image Set Name Name of your image set. Yes Yes
Small Link of the image that is going to be used in the product catalogs. Yes Yes
Large Link to the image that is going to be used on the product details page. Yes Yes
Sort Order If you add several images to an active image set, specify the order in which they are to be shown in the frontend and backend using the Sort Order fields. The order of the images is defined by order of entered numbers where the image set with the sort order “0” is the first to be shown. Yes Yes

Scheduled Prices tab

On this tab, there is a table with the scheduled prices imported via a CSV file. The following information is available:

  • Currency, store, net, and gross price values.

  • Start from (included) and Finish at (included) values that identify a period of time when a specific price is going to be set for a product automatically.

View Abstract Product page

On this page, you can view all the information entered while creating or editing an abstract product.


For the Marketplace projects, you can check what merchant owns the product on this page.