Retrieving product offer prices

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This document describes how to retrieve product offer prices via Glue API.


For detailed information about the modules that provide the API functionality and related installation instructions, see:

Retrieve prices of a product offer

To retrieve prices of a product offer, send the request:

GET /product-offers/{{offerId}}/product-offer-prices

{{offerId}} Unique identifier of a product offer to retrieve the availability of. To get it, retrieve the offers of a concrete product.


Request sample: retrieve prices of a product offer



Response sample: retrieve prices of a product offer

    "data": [
            "type": "product-offer-prices",
            "id": "offer78",
            "attributes": {
                "price": 40522,
                "prices": [
                        "priceTypeName": "DEFAULT",
                        "netAmount": null,
                        "grossAmount": 40522,
                        "currency": {
                            "code": "EUR",
                            "name": "Euro",
                            "symbol": "€"                        
                        "volumePrices": [
                                "grossAmount": 38400,
                                "netAmount": 39100,
                                "quantity": 3


            "links": {
                "self": ""
    "links": {
        "self": ""

price Integer Price to pay for the product offer in cents.
prices Array Prices of this product offer.
prices.priceTypeName String Price type.
prices.netAmount Integer Net price in cents.
prices.grossAmount Integer Gross price in cents.
prices.currency.code String Currency code. String Currency name.
prices.currency.symbol String Currency symbol.
prices.volumePrices Object An array of objects defining the volume prices of the product offer.
prices.volumePrices.grossAmount Integer Gross volume price in cents.
prices.volumePrices.netAmount Integer Net volume price in cents.
prices.volumePrices.quantity Integer Required quantity of items in offer for the volume price to apply.

Other management options

Retrieve product offer prices as a relationship by retrieving product offers

Possible errors

3701 Product offer was not found.
3702 Product offer ID is not specified.

To view generic errors that originate from the Glue Application, see Reference information: GlueApplication errors.