Data Transformer Array-map

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This document provides details about the Data Transformer Array-map service in the Components Library.


Data Transformer Array-map is an Angular Service that executes another Data Transformer based on the config for every element in the array. In the example below, the datasource will return an array with the transformed date in every object.

    type: 'inline',
    data: [
        type: 'date',
        date: '2020-09-24T15:20:08+02:00',
        type: 'date',
        date: '2020-09-24T15:20:08+02:00',
    transform: {
      type: 'array-map',
      mapItems: {
        type: 'lens',
        path: 'date',
        transformer: {
          type: 'date-parse',


Below you can find interfaces for Data Transformer Array-map.

mapItems—a Data Transformer that is set up with a configuration object.

export interface ArrayMapDataTransformerConfig extends DataTransformerConfig {
  mapItems: DataTransformerConfig;

// Service registration
  imports: [
      'array-map': ArrayMapDataTransformerService,
export class RootModule {}