Table Feature Selectable

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This document explains the Table Feature Selectable component in the Components Library.


Table Feature Selectable is a feature of the Table Component that allows selecting multiple rows. The row selection toggles whether a row is selected. A checkmark indicates that a row is selected, while an empty box indicates that a row is not selected. Commonly, the table header indicates whether all rows are selected. If they are, the header displays a checkmark. If all rows are unselected, the header displays an empty checkbox. For rows with indeterminate states, a dash appears in the header. When the rows selection feature changes, it emits an event with all selected rows, which can be used by other features (for example, the Table Feature Batch Actions will display the applicable actions for selected rows).

Check out an example usage of the Table Feature Selectable in the @spryker/table config.

Component configuration:

  • enabled - enables the feature via config.
        dataSource: { ... },
        columns: [ ... ],
        itemSelection: {
            enabled: true,

Component registration

Register the component:

// Dynamic
    imports: [
            itemSelection: () =>
                    (m) => m.TableSelectableFeatureModule,
export class RootModule {}
// Via HTML
    imports: [
export class RootModule {}

<spy-table [config]="config">
    <spy-table-selectable-feature spy-table-feature></spy-table-selectable-feature>


Below you can find interfaces for the Table Feature Selectable:

declare module '@spryker/table' {
    interface TableConfig {
        itemSelection?: TableSelectableConfig;

export interface TableSelectableConfig extends TableFeatureConfig {}

export interface TableSelectionRow {
    data: TableDataRow;
    index: number;

export type TableSelectionChangeEvent = TableSelectionRow[];