Marketplace Shopping Lists feature walkthrough

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The Marketplace Shopping Lists feature allows customers to create and share multiple lists of merchant products and product offers between company business units or single users. Shopping lists can be shared between users with different sets of permissions.

User documentation

To learn more about the feature and to find out how end users use it, see Marketplace Shopping List feature overview for business users.

Module dependency graph

The following diagram illustrates the dependencies between the modules for the Marketplace Shopping Lists feature.

Module Dependency Graph

ProductOfferShoppingListWidget Provides widgets for product offer integration into a shopping list.
ProductOfferShoppingListDataImport Provides data import for shopping lists with product offers.
ProductOfferShoppingList Provides product offer functionality for shopping list.
MerchantProductShoppingListsRestApi Provides REST API endpoints to manage marketplace product shopping lists.
MerchantProductOfferShoppingListsRestApi Provides REST API endpoints to manage merchant product offer shopping list.
ProductOfferShoppingListsRestApi Provides REST API endpoints to manage product offer shopping list.
ShoppingList Provides infrastructure and functionality to manage shopping lists as well as the items in shopping lists.

Domain model

The following schema illustrates the Marketplace Shopping Lists domain model:

Domain Model

Marketplace Shopping Lists feature integration Managing shopping lists File details: file-details-product-offer-shopping-list.csv
Glue API: Marketplace Shopping Lists feature integration Managing shopping list items