Marketplace Cart feature walkthrough

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The Marketplace Cart feature lets buyers add notes to their carts, and Marketplace administrators can view these notes.

User documentation

To learn more about the feature and to find out how end users use it, see Marketplace Cart Notes feature overview for business users.

Module dependency graph

The following diagram illustrates the dependencies between the modules for the Marketplace Cart feature.

Module Dependency Graph

CartNote This module provides functionality to add notes to cart and cart items, push notes from cart to order and than show them on order detail page in zed.
CartNoteMerchantSalesOrderGui CartNoteMerchantSalesOrderGui provides Zed UI interface for merchant cart note management.

|INSTALLATION GUIDES |GLUE API GUIDES | |———|———|———|––––| | Marketplace Cart feature integration | Manage carts of registered users | | | Managing items in carts of registered users