Release notes

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This document describes new features and enhancements we released for Spryker Cloud Commerce OS.

May 2021

CI/CD Documentation: updated documentation with CI configuration examples for GitHub Actions, Bitbucket Pipelines, GitLab, and Azure.

PHP-FPM Workers: for better resource utilization, enabled workers to be defined per application in the configuration.

Improved image for CD pipelines: extended the image used for CD pipelines with extra development tools and capabilities to run tests and benchmarks within a CD pipeline.

Configuration of Redis replicas: for a faster response on reading operations, enabled the number of Redis replicas to be defined in the Deploy file.

April 2021

Elasticsearch prefix definition: enabled Docker SDK to support the Elasticsearch prefix definition using the namespace variable defined in a Deploy file. It allows several projects to share a single Elasticsearch instance.

March 2021

CD Pipeline documentation: described the deployment pipeline and project-level customization: deployment stages and how to customize them using hooks and scripts. See Deployment pipelines | Spryker and Customizing deployment pipelines | Spryker.

February 2021

  • Documentation about Docker SDK installation on Windows: updated Docker prerequisites for Windows with instructions for WSL2. See Installing Docker prerequisites on Windows.

  • Documentation about Onboarding deliverables: updated the Spryker Cloud Commerce OS getting started page with the deliverables provided after the onboarding. See Getting started with the Spryker Cloud Commerce OS.

  • Documentation about GitLab: published the instructions on connecting a GitLab repository to the CD Pipeline. See Connect a GitLab code repository.

  • Documentation about Docker SDK: published new and updated existing pages covering the following Docker SDK topics: deploy file reference, choosing a version, quick start guide, installation, services, modes overview, mount options, debugging, running tests, and troubleshooting. See Docker SDK.

  • Load and stress test tool: released a tool that contains predefined Spryker-specific test scenarios. The tool is based on and can be used as a package integrated into a Spryker project or as a standalone package.