Define parameter and secret values in SCCOS environments

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Parameters are used for multiple purposes, like storing mail server details or providing Composer authentication details to the build and deploy process securely.

To define parameters and their values, do the following.


  1. Define parameters and secrets.
  2. Push the updates to the SCCOS environment.
  3. Deploy the application with the updated configuration by following one of the following docs:

Define parameter and secret values

  1. In the AWS Management Console, go to Services > Parameter Store.
  2. In the My parameters pane, click the parameter or secret you want to define the value for. You can use search to filter parameters by the name you’ve defined in the deploy file.
  3. On the page of the parameter, click Edit.
  4. Enter a Value.
  5. Click Save changes.
  6. This opens the Parameter Store page with a success message displayed.
    After adding parameters and their values, you can use them for your application.
Propagation of Parameters

If you need parameters to be available in your Jenkins instance, we need to terraform your added or changed parameters. To ask for this adjustment, create a support case.